Committed to Health
Dedicated to Innovation

Cennet Biopharma Private Limited, founded by motivated professionals in 2017, aims to differentiate itself as a pharmaceutical company specializing in the manufacture of Plant-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Sharing this common vision, we strive to make impactful discoveries in pharmaceutical development, from Standardized Herbal Extracts to complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,with the goal of enhancing the potential of Plant based molecules.

We believe “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”. Due to our emphasis on quality backed by advanced analytical instruments and an uncompromising team we ensure to deliver the highest standard of products to our customers.

At Cennet Biopharma, Research and Development lie at the core of all our medicinal pursuits – innovating and developing to provide the world with new complex molecules. CBPL revolves around R&D in its quest to put relentless effort into pharmaceutical product development.


With the essence of ‘Heaven’s Garden’ which our name ‘Cennet’ signifies, our vision is to discover ways to improve and prolong people’s lives.

Our commitment to serving humanity fosters us to develop Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by deploying Major focus on Research and Development. With this grit, we aim to deliver diverse Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.